Master cooking class "Russian Cuisine: Simple and Clear"

Here at Lucien, chef Artem Dobrovolskiy has been preparing fine dining with the use of old Russian recipes for many years. For us, gastronomy is a fascinating and creative process and if you want to know how to cook well and treat loved ones and friends to tasty dishes when you return to your homeland, the master cooking class "Russian Cuisine: Simple and Clear" will be to your liking. During the master class each participant will master the details and secrets of Russia's culinary art. In addition, we will tell you how to choose the right food products, haggle over prices at the market and teach you about the secrets of food storage.

The master class will consist of two parts. In the first part, we will take participants on an excursion around the market and explain how to choose the right products. The second part will take place at the restaurant, where participants will get a chance to see the cooking process for themselves and learn all there is to know about preparing authentic Russian dishes. Traditionally, autumn is the season when Russians start preparing food reserves for the long winter ahead and re-introduce more filling food into their daily diet. So in this cooking master class we will show participants how to make some very tasty and traditional autumn dishes, namely marinated cucumbers, kholodets (aspic), white horseradish and a delightful berry beverage called mors. 

Join us at Lucien's for the master cooking class on the 6th of October at 13.00 o'clock.

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