Lecture on Russian folk crafts:  Bogorodskaya interactive toy

A restaurant doesn’t have to limit itself solely to food. For this reason, Lucien Restaurant wants to dedicate this year not only to fine Russian gastronomy but also to our history, culture, traditions and, of course, hospitality.

You are kindly invited to our next lecture and master class which will take place on May 18th, 2014 at 13.00 and dedicated to Russian Arts and Crafts. This time, in our favorite Russian restaurant, Lucien, we would like to introduce you to the sacred art of children's toys, which form a huge part in Russian traditional upbringing! 

Wooden toys are known in Russia since the 17th century. According to a legend the first toy was made in a poor peasant family in a small village Bogorodskoye. A mother was trying to entertain her kids. She made a doll from a fabric but her kids tore it. She made a new one out of straw but it soon fell apart. Finally she carved a wooden toy for her children. That toy became very popular among children. It became a foundation for the Russian craft Bogorodskaya toy.

During our lecture you will get a chance to meet and watch a famous toy master creating his magic toys. Alexander SIMAKOV graduated from the art school in this, above mentioned, toy center. The tradition for Bogorodskaya toy is to caver the figure and keeps the material alive without lacquer and paints. Alexander moved forward. He cavers, makes the figure moving, paints and makes it musical. Due to those facts he opened a new style in Russian decorative Art!  Ludimila Fishchuk, a special guest from Oxford University will tell us everything we need to know about this form of Art and more! We have also invited a special guest- a famous Russian music composer, Gennady Igorevich Gladkov (author of many timeless musical compositions in Russian films, theater plays and now also of musical toys). 

The price is 1,300RUB/person and includes the lecture and drinks and snacks.
Sign up now by sending an e-mail to pr@gastronomica.ru by 16 th of May.

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