Lecture on art “Small Wonders: Russian Lacquer Miniature Boxes”

A restaurant doesn’t have to limit itself solely to food. For this reason, Lucien Restaurant wants to dedicate this year not only to fine Russian gastronomy but also to our history, culture, traditions and, of course, hospitality.

We’d like to welcome you to our first such event this year, which will take place on April 6th, 2014 at 15.00. This will be in the form of a fascinating lecture titled “Small Wonders: Russian Lacquer Miniature Boxes”.

Lacquer miniatures are uniquely Russian and are direct descendents of icon paintings. They are a distillation of Russian culture and history, and are firmly rooted in four central Russian villages where the lacquer artists live and work today. The 90-minute lecture will focus on the history and development of these different schools and how together they created the genre of lacquer miniature painting. A true expert in this field, Liudmila Fischuk (lecturer at the Art in Action exhibition in Oxford and the Head of the Russian Union of Miniature Artists) will tell you all there is to know about this truly Russian art form.

As is of course tradition in Lucien, you will be served delicious sweet and savory treats along with tea from the Samovar while you’re absorbing new and compelling information so make sure to come on an empty stomach!

The price is 1,700RUB/person and includes the lecture and drinks and snacks. 

Sign up now by sending an e-mail to pr@gastronomica.ru.

About Liudmila Fischuk

Liudmila Fishchuk is a lecturer and for some years she was researcher into Russian Folk Art Museum. For 14 years she was co-ordinator and lecturer for the Russian Art pavilion at the Art in Action exhibition in Oxford. She was a lecturer in the faculty of Continuing Education of the Oxford University and acted as an art consultant for chanel one of Moscow television. She is a Head of the Russian Union of Miniature Artists.

Liudmila wrote a book “Russian Folklore through the Eyes of Lacquer Box Artists” and co-writer of the book “Kholui is a school of art and friendship” Address: Gilyarovskogo street, 65, bld. 1

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